Platinum Mix-Free Aqua Blue ink review

Platinum Mix-Free Aqua Blue ink review

Platinum’s Mix-Free range is made so you can mix the different inks together and create your own colours. I haven’t gone down that particular rabbit hole yet but that’s okay because the unmixed colours are bright and interesting in their own right.

This particular blue is a good example: bright and vibrant; quick drying; and wet. There isn’t a lot of shading.

Here I am doodling the Inkling. After doing this, I had a slight splattering situation, as you can see in the final picture.

Many many thanks to Azizah for sending me this sample! Azizah’s site is pretty much my favourite, which is saying something when there are so many amazing sites out there. Not only that, she is a top person.

Platinum Mix-Free Aqua Blue Inkling doodle

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