Pilot Elite nib

Pilot Elite fountain pen review

22 September 2014 By ian

Pilot Elite review

The Pilot Elite is a vintage fountain pen that can be easily found online. It was first produced in the 70s and was available in a posh gold-nib metal-barrel version and in a non-posh steel-nib plastic-barrel version. This is a review of the non-posh version. Pilot have also released a new version that can be found at all your favourite pen retailers.

Pilot Elite nib from above

The defining feature of the Pilot Elite is the Kaweco-like big cap, which works in a similar way to transform a small sized capped pen into a reasonably sized posted pen. The cap really is very long and so posts and closes securely. As you can see, the it’s almost as long as the pen.

Pilot Elite cap and barrel

This is very effective. It really is a small pen when capped…

Pilot Elite capped

but a long slender very comfortable pen when posted.

Pilot Elite posted

This pen has an extra-fine nib and it really is very fine indeed. It is also incredibly smooth and very wet. It goes to show that Pilot’s ability to produce amazing nibs at reasonable prices goes back a long way. It’s gold-plated stainless steel and has minimal adornment.

Pilot Elite nib

The Pilot Elite comes with a still-standard-for-Pilot converter which holds a decent amount of ink for what is essentially a pocket pen. It looks as if it would be small but in fact it disappears deep into the section and is the same size as other Pilot converters. The clip is a very plain and uninspiring but reassuringly clippy. The barrel feels like the cheap plastic that it is.

Pilot Elite deconstructed

The black and gold finish of this particular pen isn’t really my cup of tea but may be yours. The nib, however, is sublime and the price of this version is very reasonable. The Pilot Elite is an interesting little pen that’s lovely to write with.

Pilot Elite handwritten review