One Star Leather Goods Kaweco Sport Sleeve

30 January 2014 By ian

One Star Leather Kaweco Sport sleeve

One Star Leather Goods say

Buy good things, own them a long time

and I couldn’t agree more.

This pen sleeve is made especially for the Kaweco Sport but One Star Leather make sleeves for other sizes of pen too.

It truly is made to last. The leather is very high quality and the stitching is fantastic.

One Star Leather Kaweco Sport sleeve stitching

I bought this sleeve because it looked to be a beautiful object in its own right and I wasn’t disappointed. Secretly, I thought to myself: My Kaweco Classic Sport gets bashed about a bit in my pocket and so I could never get an AL Sport, even though I really do want one, because they are too expensive to allow to get bashed about. So if I get this lovely leather sleeve, it will protect my pen and so I can then buy an AL Sport to put in it because it will be all safe.

I do not have a problem.

One Star Leather Kaweco Sport sleeve with pen

But then a funny thing happened. I realised I feel quite sentimental about my Kaweco Classic Sport. It’s all bashed up and scratched but that’s part of its charm. It’s the pen I’ve had the longest that’s still in constant use. How could I replace it? It wouldn’t be fair. So I haven’t and now it has a special little home inside this lovely sleeve.

One Star Leather Kaweco Sport sleeve end on