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NoteShel Sticky Note Holder Review

5 April 2018 By ian

NoteShel are a UK based company who asked me if I’d like to take a look at a couple of their products, one of which is this holder for sticky notes (post-its). These are my own opinions

NoteShel Sticky Note Holder Review

The Sticky Note holder costs £10 and comes in five colours: pink, green, purple, blue and orange. It holds 90 3” by 5” post-its and comes with a ballpoint pen that’s held in with the case magnetically.

NoteShel Sticky Note Holder pen deployed

The post-its sit in a tray within the holder.

NoteShel Sticky Note Holder empty

They’re aren’t fixed there in any way so they can lift up when you’re pulling a note from the stack.

NoteShel Sticky Note Holder sticky notes in place

The case looks good, with the two colours of plastic, and it’s robust too. The spine feels like it will last forever.

NoteShel Sticky Note Holder pen in place

The pen rests in a lip at the edge and is held in place, just about, with magnets. The magnets aren’t very strong. If the holder is sat on a table then they’re enough to keep the pen in place but if you move the holder around, or carry it about in a bag, the pen will wander off.

NoteShel Sticky Note Holder pen

The pen itself has a satisfying click to the mechanism. The tip does have some play to it and the refill is very average. It’s a Parker (G2) style refill, though, which means there are plenty of good alternative options. However, for the intended purpose, scribbling notes on a post-it, the included refill is absolutely fine.

NoteShel Sticky Note Holder pen undone

I’ve been using this holder routinely. It’s a great way of keeping ugly looking sticky notes out of sight but within reach on a desk. Before it arrived I’d been hoping it would be something that could live in a bag. It isn’t and I think that’s a missed opportunity. All it needs is a way of being kept closed securely. However, as a desk item, it’s great.

NoteShel Sticky Note Holder closed