Diamine Teal ink review

Diamine Teal ink

This is a lovely and unusually coloured ink. I’m not at all sure it’s actually what I’d consider ‘teal’, it’s much more a dark blue with the barest hint of green (if you squint a bit and look out of the corner of your eye, in the right light). I sometimes wonder about Diamine’s naming. However… it is a great colour. It behaves very well too.

Here I am drawing the Inkling.

Please ignore the dry times, I had far too much ink on the pen when I did them. It dries in a perfectly reasonable time. Also, I am using my camera rather than a scanner because my camera captures the colour much more accurately. There is some shadow in this picture but it does (on my monitor anyway) show the colour very well.

Diamine Teal ink review

Mitchell Witch No. 1 dip pen, Rhodia notepad


    1. Hi Brad! I was so unsure of myself with this ink that even though I’ve been using it for months (it’s one of my favourites) after doing the review I went back and made sure I’d used the right bottle! And then I checked some swabs online. Whatever the colour actually is, though, it’s lovely!

    1. That’s a really good comparison. It looks a lot greener there than I’ve found it to be. I’ve seen it looking green like that in other reviews too. I wonder if the formula changed at some point. I’ll try some comparisons of my own. Thanks for sharing this.

      1. Thanks – that sample is from an old-ish mixed set of cartridges, but I have a recently purchased 80ml bottle, and the colour is consistent between the two.

        I did the comparison because alone, the ink has the look of a grey-ish blue/black (like Pelikan blue/black), and I wanted to prove to myself that I still needed to own both inks 🙂

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