Kaweco Sunrise Orange featured

Kaweco Sunrise Orange Ink Review

Kaweco release a range of eight inks a while ago and they were pretty good, with interesting shades of the standard colours, good dry times and some interesting shading. They’ve just released two more shades, one of which is this Sunrise Orange. I absolutely love this colour. Like most of[…]

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Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-Yake ink review

Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-Yake Ink Review

Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-Yake (Sunset) is a lovely orange ink with decent dry times, a good flow and some shading. Not as bright and cheery as Sailor Jentle Apricot but a nice happy colour nevertheless. It definitely needs a good wide nib to get the best out of it. Here I[…]

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Diamine Autumn Oak ink review

Diamine Autumn Oak Ink Review

Diamine Autumn Oak is a lovely brown ink that shades beautifully and really does make you think of autumn leaves. I keep getting the name confused with Ancient Copper, as you see. Here I am doodling the Inkling. You can find some more reviews of Diamine Autumn Oak on Pennaquod.

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Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin ink review

Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin Ink Review

This is a well-named ink, being very reminiscent of an actual mandarin. It’s quite a dry flowing ink that is also quick to dry. I found it a little flat in anything but the wettest nibs but with the right pen it’s gorgeous. Here I am doodling the Inkling.

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Diamine Pumpkin ink review

Diamine Pumpkin Ink Review

A beautiful rich reddish orange ink from Diamine. Lots of shading, lots of loveliness. Because it’s very free flowing, a wet nib puts down a lot of ink and so leads to long dry times. It dries quickly under other circumstances. Here I am doodling the Inkling.

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