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Kaweco Traveler Case Review

31 August 2016 By ian

Kaweco continue to expand their range of products and the Traveler Case is the latest example. It’s made from calf leather and costs a little under €100.

Thank you to Kaweco for lending me this case so I could review it. These are my own honest opinions.

Kaweco Traveler Case netting

The leather brown leather is soft, a little suede-like, and seems to be very high quality. I can see that it will collect some stories, a lovely patina, as it’s used. As the one I’m reviewing here is on loan from Kaweco and has to be returned so I’ve been fairly careful with it but it’s already picked up a few scuffs here and there. This is why I like leather but if you want a case that retains a pristine condition, this isn’t for you. There are no markings on the outside of the case other than ‘Kaweco’ stamped near one edge.

Kaweco Traveler Case branding

The case is finely stitched around the outside edge and closes by means of a zip with a leather tag. When closed, the case is secure and self-contained. It’s also padded front and back. Anything you keep inside is going to be well protected.

Kaweco Traveler Case closed

One half of the case has a pocket into which you can pop odds and ends: some cartridges, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and so on.

Kaweco Traveler Case netting side

The netted pocket is almost exactly too short for a Field Notes sized notebook but there’s enough space to rest one on top, sitting between the two halves of the case.

Kaweco Traveler Case open with notebook

The other half of the case has six elastic loops for your pens. The inside of the case is 14cm long: most pens will fit, length-wise, but not all. Some of your fatter pens will struggle to slide into the pen loops, too.

Kaweco Traveler Case open and full

However, assuming your pens are small enough (and most are) the case will hold them securely and with a high level of protection. There’s even a cloth flap that protects your pens from whatever you’re keeping in the rest of the case.

Kaweco Traveler Case open and empty

This is called the Traveler Case and it performs that role well. Whatever you keep in this case will held safely and securely and in a good compact package. What’s more, when you arrive at your destination you won’t be embarrassed to take this out of your bag when you get to, perhaps, your posh meeting. It looks gorgeous. It’s expensive but roughly comparable to similar leather products. You just need to be sure your pens will fit.

Kaweco Traveler Case zip


High quality leather and finish
Keeps contents safe and secure


Some pens will be a tight fit or won’t fit at all

Kaweco Traveler Case half open