Kaweco Purple Liliput quick look

Kaweco Purple Liliput Quick Look

13 April 2016 By ian

Kaweco Purple Liliput quick look

This is just a quick look at a limited edition Kaweco Liliput in purple. It’s one of just fifty in this colour, available from Most Wanted Pens.

Kaweco Purple Liliput posted

It’s got an aluminium body so feels a little lighter then the brass version I’ve previously reviewed in more depth. It also feels less robust. Whereas the brass Liliput gains from being thrown into a bag or pocket, the brass picking up character as it goes along, this purple one will need more care. There are signs the purpleness is coming off the threads already and so I suspect it will scratch off the barrel if not looked after.

Kaweco Purple Liliput logo on cap

However, it does look pretty cool.

Kaweco Purple Liliput full length

You’ll see it sports one of Kaweco’s black nibs. These nibs look great but feel a lot stiffer than the steel ones.

Kaweco Purple Liliput nib

Thank you very much to Scribble of Too Many Pens for lending me this pen. You can see his handwritten review here.