J Herbin Lie de The

13 February 2014 By ian

J Herbin Lie de The ink review

This ink really does look like strong black tea that’s been spilled on the page. It’s appropriately named in the exact way Diamine Teal isn’t.

J. Herbin inks are always either watery or delicate, depending on whether you like them or not. I do, I think they’re beautiful, and Lie de Thé is no exception. It has lovely shading and it dries in a reasonable time.

Here I am doodling the Inkling. I found this one quite tough!

Mitchell No. 1 dip pen, Brause dip pen (first time I’d used it, didn’t quite get on with it) and a Rhodia notepad

J Herbin Lie de The ink inkling doodle