Inked on Saturday 19th October 2013

19 October 2013 By ian

Inked 131019

I’ve been trying my new regime of not changing inks or pens every week just for the sake of it (watch out for a thrilling post about this soon). I’ve been very good but, you know, inks do run out, new pens mysteriously arrive in the post, old pens get dusted off. So quite a few changes this time around.

Kaweco Classic Sport EF (Diamine Eclipse), Pilot Petit 1 F (with the orange ink it comes with), Rotring Freeway F (Diamine Kensington Blue), Waterman C/F M (Diamine Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue – is there any other ink with such a long name?), Pilot Prera F (Diamine Onyx Black), A. G. Spalding Maple Wood M (but really it’s F, J. Herbin Vert Empire), Noolder Ahab Flex (Diamine Asa Blue), Faber-Castell Ambition M (Diamine China Blue), Faber-Castell e-motion M (Diamine Teal), Faber-Castell Ambition EF (Diamine Midnight).

The Waterman is interesting, the first successful mass-market cartridge pen. Mine has an original cartridge that I syringe fill and it still works, though with occasional eccentric flow issues.

The Ahab is new and I’m enjoying it. As with all Noodlers, it smells like a Glastonbury privy on the Monday morning. Thankfully the smell doesn’t last forever.

The pen at the bottom was a complete bargain on eBay. It came with a medium nib which I swapped with the other Ambition I have. It seems I really am the only person who likes these pens.