Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen review

Faber-Castell Twice multipen review

24 November 2014 By ian

Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen review

The Faber-Castell Twice is a chrome-plated metal-barrelled multipen. It takes two D1 refills and costs about £25 ($40).

Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen full length

The pen comes with blue and red ballpoint refills which aren’t too bad at all. Being D1, there are a very many other options if you’d prefer something else.

Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen pointy end

The metal barrel is shiny and gives the pen some reassuring weight. The grip though is soft and squishy and comfortable but not entirely to my taste. It seems a little plasticky.

Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen pointy end close up

The clip is firm and clippy and overall construction is very high quality.

Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen blunt end

Refills are deployed by twisting the barrel one way or the other. This works well but leads to the two failings on this pen.

Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen branding

The refills are accessed by unscrewing the barrel open. I find that when I’m swapping from one refill to another I twist too far and begin to unscrew the barrel. This is a bit annoying.

Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen deconstructed

More annoying is that there’s no ‘off’ position. If you don’t want a refill deployed then you have to carefully find a position between the two. This is tricky and seems a little lazy of Faber-Castell in a pen that costs this much.

Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen pointy end retracted

Overall the Faber-Castell Twice is a well made pen but seems as if it was designed by someone who’s never going to use it. It looks great and, I suppose, if it lived on your desk you might be able to forgive the difficulty in retracting it. As soon as you want to carry it around though it becomes a major irritation.

Faber-Castell Twice mulitpen handwritten review