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Platinum Double Action R3 Multipen Review

6 July 2016 By ian

Platinum make a few different multipens and I reviewed one of them way back in October 2014. This pen is a step up from that plastic version but costs only a couple of pounds more. I was able to get this pen at a discount thanks to Cult Pens’ support of the site. These are […]

Faber-Castell Twice multipen review

24 November 2014 By ian

The Faber-Castell Twice is a chrome-plated metal-barrelled multipen. It takes two D1 refills and costs about £25 ($40). The pen comes with blue and red ballpoint refills which aren’t too bad at all. Being D1, there are a very many other options if you’d prefer something else. The metal barrel is shiny and gives the […]

Platinum Double R3 Action multipen review

13 October 2014 By ian

The Platinum Double Action R3 sounds like some kind of video game controller but is in fact a three-way multipen. It’s available in five different translucent colours for about £5 (around $8) from Cult Pens, who sponsored this post. There’s also a more expensive steel version. The barrel holds a 0.5mm pencil and two D1 […]

Pilot Coleto multipen review

23 September 2013 By ian

The Pilot Coleto is a multipen like no other. There are refills available in 15 different colours: Brown, Black, Blue Black, Violet, Aqua Blue, Blue, Clear Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, Cherry Pink, Baby Pink, Apricot Orange, Apple Green and Green and in three different sizes (0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm). There are refillable pencil and eraser […]