Dudek Display Pen Holder Review and Giveaway

Dudek Display review

The Dudek Display is a wooden pen and notebook stand. It’s handmade from solid walnut by Mike Dudek and sold through his Dudek Modern Goods website for $65.

The Display holds five pens or pencils. The holes are large and I’ve not yet found a pen that won’t fit. (The holes can be 1/2” or, like mine, 5/8″.)

The test-tube-rack-like open front lets you see your beautiful pens in all their glory and gives this product its name. The combination of lovely pens and wood is a treat for the eyes.

The slot at the back will hold a couple of Field Note sized notebooks or a notebook in a cover. It’s useful, keeping it all together.

Dudek Display from the side

There is a wide range of products available from Dudek Modern Goods, with options for the number of pens; smaller holes for pencils; with or without a notebook slot; and solid or open designs. Mike will also customise existing designs to meet your requirements.

The Display is a beautiful item in its own right. The walnut is delicious, with a glorious smooth oiled finish letting the grain show through. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. There are plenty of small details such as the grooves cut into the sides and the softly chamfered pen holes that all show care and attention to detail.

Dudek Display with iPhone

My Display sits on my desk at work. Before I bought my Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter (review coming soon, promise!) I used to sit my work notebook in the slot: a couple of Calepino notebooks inside a Davis Leatherworks cover. These days I tend to stick my phone in there.

Dudek Display fully loaded from the side and above

The pens change from day to day although there’s usually a Copic Multiliner SP in there. In this picture you can see, from left to right: Pentel Graph 1000, TWSBI Vac 700, Copic Multiliner SP, Ateleia Brass Pen, and Kaweco Dia 2.

The Display is a wonderful product. It’s simple (though way beyond anything I could ever make myself) and beautifully made. The little details, along with the natural beauty of the wood, make this a quality product that’s both useful and pleasing to the eye.

Dudek Display empty

If you would like a chance to win a Display of your own then you’re in luck as Mr Dudek has very kindly offered one for a giveaway. You know the score by now: say thank you to someone you know in the comments. I’ll number the entries and then use random.org to pick a winner. You can only enter once and the giveaway closes at 9am GMT on Sunday 3rd May.

Dudek Display branding 2


  1. I actually don’t know the score, I’m a new reader. Just say thank you to someone? Then thanks to Mari, who makes my life easier just by being there.

  2. Thanks to my Mum for buying me my first grown up ink pen, a Parker 45 Flighter when I was 11 – 43 years ago now and still going strong.

  3. I’d like to thank Brad Dowdy for reigniting my love for all things analog and constantly tempting me with new things to try! My bank account on the other hand…

  4. My godmother who bought me my first ‘grown up’ pen when I started secondary school – I still have it!
    BTW who is Brad Dowdy ????

  5. I’m going to thank Mike Dudek for making absolutely beautiful, functional products that make our lives better for using them. I love his stuff and have a couple of my own.

    Excellent review and your thoughts on the Display mirror my thoughts on my pair of Dailies almost exactly.


  6. I want to say thank you to the older woman at the grocery store this morning who forced me to go before her. I was with both of my children and only had a few things, and she had a full cart. It was a very sweet unexpected gesture.

  7. Thanks to you Ian and all of the awesome people in the stationery blogging community! You all are an inspiration!

  8. I’d like to thank you for turning me on to this great looking product. I’ll probably buy one if I don’t win!

  9. I would like to thank you for creating such an amazing website, and Mr. Brad Dowdy for leading me to this website.

  10. Thanks to Ian and the Dude for making this giveaway possible and their awesome work on their blogs. Always enjoy reading both!

  11. Might be a little cliche, but thank you Mike for the giveaway. It’s awesome people like you who make awesome blogs like this possible in our awesome pen community. 🙂

  12. A very big ‘thank you’ to my husband and sons for a wonderful birthday cake topped with gorgeous icing fountain pen! It’s lovely to have people respect your obsessions 🙂

  13. Thank you to my great grandfather for my first Levenger I didn’t touch for three years after his passing. Im now addicted to my journals and fountain pens.

  14. Thanks to everyone who gets up in the morning and decides to create a better day by going out and making something.

  15. Thank you to my friend Sarah for introducing me to fountain pens. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Thank you to my pen pal and best friend Caitlin who puts up with all my complaining via snail mail!

    (Also, thank you for the giveaway!!)

  17. A big, tremendous thank you to Myke Hurley and Matt Alexander for the Bonanza podcast. I’m waiting for that listener meetup.

  18. Thank you, assorted pen bloggers, for putting words to the love that holds us, sometimes haunts us.

  19. Thank you, Ana! The Wellappointed Desk has been a tremendous inspiration to me! I enjoy reading each and every one of your posts.

  20. I’m new to this but I’d like to thank my mom. As a single parent I’ve always been amazed at her support of all my crazy ideas, even my love for fountain pens. The Sheaffer School series pen she got me all the way from London (despite protests from her travelling buddy) is still one of my most treasured pens.

  21. Thanks to Dudek goods and PenPaperPencil for the giveaway. Thanks to the random number generator too, if it picks the correct number 🙂

  22. Thank you elephants for being wise and gentle. Although how you got into my pants I guess I’ll never know.

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