Diamine Kensington Blue ink review

24 September 2013 By ian

Diamine Kensington Blue ink review

Continuing in my quest to own and review every blue ink that Diamine do (27, not including the two in the sadly out-of-my-price-range Music Set and not including inks like Teal which are somewhere between blue and green), here is Kensington Blue.

Kensington Blue is lovely lovely lovely. It’s a kind of matt blue, I don’t know how better to describe it. It has character and (and this is important) it’s not like the inks you used to have to use at school. I almost always have this in a pen, ready to use.

(You would think, wouldn’t you, that I could spell Diamine correctly first time by now. But apparently not.)

Lamy pur 47, 1.1mm nib, Monsieur notebook, appalling handwriting.