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SGFA Centenary Exhibition Unlocked

10 July 2021 By ian

The Society for Graphic Fine Art was founded in 1919 to “uphold and maintain the interests of all those forms of art that do not use colour as a form of expression” and it held its first exhibition in 1921. The centenary exhibition was due to be held last year but was postponed until this […]

Big Week!

3 July 2021 By ian

I have a very exciting week coming up! Last year was going to be the year I really made an effort to get my pictures into some exhibitions but, for some reason, that didn’t quite work out. This year is still rather strange, as we all know, but things here in the UK are starting […]

Summer Update

13 June 2021 By ian

I’ve been quite busy over the last few weeks, which is my excuse for not writing here for a while. I took part in an online-only group for Dorset Art Weeks and managed the Artwey Instagram account for the duration. Artwey had a very successful in-person exhibition but I didn’t sell anything online. I think […]

Dorset Art Weeks 2021

1 May 2021 By ian

I’m excited to be participating in Dorset Art Weeks for the first time this year. It was due to take place last year but was, of course, postponed. For the first time, this year’s event is going to be a mixture of physical venues you can actually visit and online venues. My venue (number 180, […]


24 April 2021 By ian

Art4Action is an online gallery where 25% of the sales goes to charity. (They take just 5% to run the site and the rest goes to the artist.) I now have a lot of my work on there but I’d encourage you to spend some time browsing what’s on offer. There is an awful lot […]