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Newcastle Pen Show: An Interview with John Twiss

22 August 2018 By ian

I have a confession to make: I’ve never been to a pen show. In part that’s because this whole pen thing is quite a personal thing (yet I have a blog all about it!), in part it’s because other people are, in general, quite scary (yet I was a teacher and now work in the […]

An Interview with Ian Schön

11 July 2018 By ian

Ian Schön is a designer of watches and pens. He started back in 2012 and is now known for making one of the best pocket pens there is. He went full-time in 2017. He was kind enough to talk to me and to tell me about how this came about and about his plans for […]

Interview with Stuart Lennon of Nero’s Notes

16 May 2018 By ian

A couple of years ago I interviewed Tony Short who had just started Pocket Notebooks, a company that rather unsurprisingly sold notebooks that would fit in your pocket. Pocket Notebooks is now owned by Stuart Lennon and has been rebranded as Nero’s Notes, Nero being the four-legged CEO of this new company. Nero’s Notes’ inventory […]

Peter Cattermole of Start Bay Notebooks

10 August 2016 By ian

Live somewhere as beautiful as the rugged south Devon coast and you can’t help but be inspired to do something: fish, make music, write books or let your creative imagination run wild. That’s just what happened to Peter Cattermole, the man who is Start Bay Notebooks. Not long after moving to live by the sea […]

Interview with Tony Short of StudioAlt

16 March 2016 By ian

Tony Short is a man on a mission. I first heard of him about a year ago when he got in touch to tell me about StudioAlt, a company set up to sell analogue tools to digital workers, a fantastic and slightly evangelical mission. Since then Tony has started at least two new companies, Pocket […]