Fancy looking machine

Fulfilling a Kickstarter Campaign: An Interview with Kevin Hayes of Blank Forces

I first interviewed Kevin just as his Kickstarter campaign for the X1 and X2 pens was getting going. The campaign proved to be highly successful, raising $78 621 (on an initial goal of $10 000). The pens themselves are wonderful. Of course, once the pledges are in, the hard work[…]

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Chris Williams of Ateleia Design

An Interview and Giveaway with Chris Williams of ATELEIA Craft and Design

I reviewed Chris’s brass pen a little while ago and loved it. While it won’t suit everyone, Chris has made a pen with a unique and beautiful style. That’s not all he does over at Ateleia Craft and Design, as you will be able to tell as you read this[…]

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Mike Bond

An Interview and Giveaway with Mike Bond of Ti2 Design

Mike Bond is the man behind Ti2 Design, responsible for the Ti2 TechLiner, a pen that is, not to put too fine a point on it, utterly fantastic. I use mine every day at work. Mike was kind enough to take some time out of his very busy schedule to[…]

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An Interview with Linda Shrewsbury of CursiveLogic

CursiveLogic is a currently active Kickstarter project project that aims to teach children (or adults) cursive handwriting in four easy lessons. I have backed the project because I think it’s worth supporting though it’s not such an issue here in England. My children (aged 8 and 13) both learned cursive,[…]

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J Robert Lennon and groovy hat

An Interview with J. Robert Lennon

J. Robert Lennon writes wonderful books and has been writing his latest one using fountain pens. He is totally responsible for me buying a Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter and has helped me to embrace inks that are pink. I’m sure you’ll find this interview as fascinating as I did. What started your[…]

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