Caran dAche Frosty pencil review

Caran d’Ache Frosty mechanical pencil review

29 September 2014 By ian

Caran dAche Frosty pencil review

The Caran d’Ache Frosty is a 0.7mm mechanical pencil available with a black, blue or red barrel. Even though it’s from Caran d’Ache it’s quite cheap, available for about £5 from Cult Pens, who sponsored this review.

Caran dAche Frosty pencil full length

It certainly looks good and it’s also well made. The frosty look that gives the pencil its name is lovely and the branding is fairly tasteful. The barrel feels nice in the hand and the hexagonal shape is comfortable to hold.

The clip is horrible though. It looks okay but is made from the same soft plastic as the barrel (in fact it’s all of one piece). What makes the barrel comfortable makes the clip useless. It isn’t firm enough to stay attached to anything.

Caran dAche Frosty pencil clip

The eraser is a reasonable size (hurray!) and works (double hurray!) but it wears away so quickly you would probably need a new one before you had finished rubbing out this sentence (boo!).

Caran dAche Frosty pencil eraser

The lead is held securely and advances reliably. The tube will hold several spare leads.

Caran dAche Frosty pencil pointy bit

If you want to clip this pencil onto anything then I can’t recommend it at all. If you don’t need to do that then it’s worth thinking about. It has a distinctive look, is well constructed and is comfortable to hold and use. There is a certain charm and quality about it that is very unusual at this price point.

Caran dAche Frosty pencil handwritten review

Thank you to Cult Pens for sponsoring this post. You can buy this pencil direct from Cult Pens here. These views are entirely my own.