Bullet Pencil TT eraser

Bullet Pencil TT Review

12 January 2015 By ian

Bullet Pencil TT review

The Bullet Pencil TT is an aluminium pencil holder made by T. W. Grant & Sons. It’s available with a stylus tip (the ST model, costing $39) and without (this model, the TT, costing $35). It was originally a Kickstarter project which delivered on time.

Bullet Pencil TT pointy end

The TT comes in two parts. A short tip holds the stub of a wooden pencil securely in place. This is the part that ends in a stylus if you choose the ST model. Any standard sized pencil will do – a couple of Palomino Blackwing stubs are included. It’s a good system.

Bullet Pencil TT pencil grip screw

The larger part is the barrel. The idea of a bullet pencil is that the pencil is stored inside the barrel to protect the tip (and your pockets) while it’s being carried. It’s then pulled out, turned around and pushed back in to make a long pencil.

Bullet Pencil TT deconstructed

The barrel has a strong steel clip. It doesn’t have a lot of flex and so is perfect if what you want to clip onto is the right size but otherwise may cause problems. I’ve found the same issue with several other metal pens.

Bullet Pencil TT capped

A rather clever bit of design means that the TT holds a Blackwing eraser at its tip. This is a good move in that replacements are easy to find, although sadly Blackwing erasers aren’t the best.

Bullet Pencil TT eraser

In use, the balance of the pencil is a little off. It’s quite top heavy which throws me every time I pick it up. I soon get used to it and stop noticing. However I’ve got big hands: if you have smaller hands it might be fatiguing with long use or just plain awkward to hold at all. (Todd over at That One Pen just didn’t get on with this at all and I can understand why.) I also find the pencil holder section wobbles slightly in the barrel which is quite irritating.

Bullet Pencil TT full length posted from above

The Bullet Pencil TT is very well made although, on mine, the end of the barrel isn’t finished neatly. Apart from that, the standard is very high.

Bullet Pencil TT not right bit

This pencil holder isn’t perfect but it’s a reasonable price and it will last a lifetime. It makes your favourite wooden pencil easily pocket- or bag-able. It’s a good honest piece of engineering that, despite being made from modern materials using modern techniques, compliments the traditional pencil in a very interesting way.

Bullet Pencil TT handwritten review

EDIT 21 January 2015: Jeff pointed out an error my description of how the pencil stub was held in place, which I’ve now changed.