Twist Bullet Pencil pointy bit

Twist Bullet Pencil Review

The Twist is a modern bullet pencil made by Metal Shop. It’s available direct from their website and costs $37.50. I picked this one up a little less during their Kickstarter campaign. All pencils are delivered with two erasers and three Blackwing 602 pencil stubs. The version I’m reviewing here[…]

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Bullet Pencil TT eraser

Bullet Pencil TT Review

The Bullet Pencil TT is an aluminium pencil holder made by T. W. Grant & Sons. It’s available with a stylus tip (the ST model, costing $39) and without (this model, the TT, costing $35). It was originally a Kickstarter project which delivered on time. The TT comes in two[…]

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