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BN Works Twiist Pen Review and Giveaway

25 April 2018 By ian

BN Works are a Taipei based company that makes ballpoint and rollerball pens. They asked me if I’d like to review their new Twiist pen and I said I would. These are my own honest opinions on this pen.

As always, I don’t keep review samples and so am giving this away. Details at the end of the review.

Price: $85
Ink type: ballpoint or rollerball
Barrel options: silver and black; rose and black; black and silver; black and copper
Refill options: Parker G2; comes with a Schmidt P900 ballpoint and a Schmidt P8126 rollerball
Size: 13.6cm long, 1.1cm diameter
Weight: 35g

BN Works Twiist review

The Twiist comes in a neat box that contains the pen, two spare stylus tips and a second refill. It’s well presented and the alternative refill, in particular, is a nice touch.

There are four different colour combinations (all black with a metallic colour). I picked the copper version because I haven’t used a copper pen before.

BN Works Twiist copper

A common issue with brass or copper pens can be the weight but the Twiist is well balanced and doesn’t feel heavy at all. It’s a decent length together with the long taper to the tip makes for a comfortable writing experience.

BN Works Twiist in hand

I love how this pen looks. It’s simple but well executed. The copper is very shiny for about one minute and then begins to develop a gorgeous patina. This is what a brass or copper pen is all about. I really like it. In fact I love how the copper in this pen looks now. There is of course a coppery smell to the pen, which your fingers can pick up, but it isn’t very noticeable.

BN Works Twiist full length

The Twiist is a two-in-one pen and even has two ‘i’s in its name to help you remember. The knurled top twists to deploy a stylus. This works as well as most. That means it works about as well as your finger works. Personally, I don’t see the point of them but if you have a use for one then this one is okay.

BN Works Twiist stylus out

If you think it’s a waste of time then you can keep it more or less hidden out of the way. I feel it would be a better pen without the stylus, because the top end could be neater and because I don’t like having something there I’m never going to use. I’d like to see an option to buy one without.

BN Works Twiist retracted stylus

At the other end, the refill is held in place tightly and there’s no wiggle. The whole of the lower half of the barrel twists to deploy it. It turns smoothly and there’s a satisfying click when its done. The barrel’s undone by twisting the other way. Fortunately there’s a stop when the tip is retracted, before you carry on to undo the pen, and I didn’t have any issues with undoing the barrel by mistake. What I did keep doing though was twisting the top part, a la Retro 51, and deploying the stylus instead of the pen.

The pen comes with a Schmidt P900 ballpoint refill. This is one of the better ballpoint refills but I would have been disappointed if it had been all that had been included. Ballpoints aren’t generally my thing. Fortunately, also included, is a Schmidt P8126 rollerball. These are what Retro 51 use and they’re lovely. The line is very black, very consistent and the tip is very smooth. If you want more options then the Twiist will work with any Parker/G2 style refill.

BN Works Twiist tip

The clip is made from copper and is very strong. There’s just enough give in it to make it usable as a clip and you’ll never need to worry about breaking it.

BN Works Twiist clip

All in all the Twiist is a great pen. It looks fantastic and is comfortable to write with. It comes with one reasonable refill and one great one and has many further options. Oh, and it has a stylus too.

BN Works Twiist by the sea


Robust construction
Good clip
Looks gorgeous
Good refills
Comfortable writing experience
There’s a stylus is you want one


None, really, unless like me you’re a bit curmudgeonly about an unnecessary stylus

BN Works Twiist handwritten review


I’m giving away this pen to a lucky reader. To enter, just leave a comment on this review thanking someone you know.

The giveaway ends 9am GMT on Sunday 6th May 2018. The winner will be picked randomly, using You may enter only once. The giveaway is open worldwide, as long as I’m able to post it to wherever it is you live.

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