A Tower in Barcelona

A Tower in Barcelona

Julia and I were meant to be going to Barcelona a few weeks ago, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. A strike by French air traffic controllers meant we weren’t able to go, so we ended up in Amsterdam. (There are plenty of worse places to end up.) This picture is from a photo taken when we first went to Barcelona, back in 2011.

This was my first serious attempt, in recent years, at using watercolours. I used watercolour pencils as a way of bridging the gap between what I’m comfortable with and what I want to learn about. Expect to see more attempts during the course of this year, as I force myself out of my comfort zone and into the world of colour…

Copic Multiliner SP, Daler-Rowney Artists Pencils, Windsor & Newton Bockingford Water Colour Paper


    1. Thanks, and yes…that’s both why I feel I need to try watercolours, because I find it hard not to draw everything, but also why thy terrify me.

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