A picture for every day

Picture diary
I’ve drawn a picture for every day since the start of February this year. They’re mostly quick little sketches and I don’t often draw them on the actual day. But it’s the only kind of diary I’ve ever kept that I’ve frequently looked back through.

Being a creature of habit I’ve used an OHTO Graphic Liner 01 for every drawing. The notebook is an A6 Rhodia Webnotebook.


  1. Fun! I try to do something similar by drawing a monthly calendar and draw something in each day square. It’s a good exercise.

  2. Very cool. I sit and try to doodle and I just can come out with cool stuff like that. I think it’s neat how you make it look like a dated journal. I’m always on the look out for way to use and fill the waiting new fresh journals I have sitting around. Thanks!

  3. Thanks yes it’s fun to try to come up with something every day and interesting to see how much my doodles have improved since I started. The important thing I’ve found, for me at least, is to not worry about quality and just draw something.

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