A Lot of Notebooks

25 September 2014 By ian

Lots of notebooks

I do have a lot of notebooks.

In this picture, the notebooks on the left are currently in use. The ones at back-left are sketchbooks, the others are: pocket; Chronodex; sketchnotes; work notes; meeting notes (this is a Rhodia head stapled notepad so I can take notes, scan them into my computer and then shred them); review list for here; letters; Inklings; Three-Plus-One-Good-Things; bigger work notebook for when I want to spread my thoughts out; journal; pencil reviews; and picture a day (sadly lapsed for now).

The notebooks in the middle are unused, for now.

The notebooks on the right are all finished and full up.

I think it’s safe to say that Calepino remain my favourite notebooks, with Rhodia a close second. That’s not to say that many of the others aren’t excellent, many of them are. There are notebooks and sketchpads here from Pink Pig, Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Calepino (mostly living in Davis Leatherworks covers), TADA, Nib, Maruman, Monsieur, Papernotes, Field Notes, Doane Paper, Moleskine, Dotgrid Co, Analog, Leuchtturm, Pantone, ForestChoice, and SlimNote.