Inspiration Pad notebook review

TM Inspiration Pad notebook review

11 December 2014 By ian

Inspiration Pad notebook review

The TM Inspiration Pad is a unique notebook. It’s available from the TM shop for between €16 and €23 depending on where you live. It’s pricy but there’s a reason for that. Read on…

Inspiration Pad notebook tucked away

I’ll cover the boring bits first. There are 48 pages and there’s a soft card cover. It’s 165mm by 210mm which makes it a little larger than A5 size. The paper is very fountain pen friendly.

Inspiration Pad notebook ink test back

Inspiration Pad notebook ink test front

As you can now see, this isn’t your ordinary notebook.

Inspiration Pad notebook sane lining

Every pair of pages has a unique design. Some of these are insane. Some are merely crazy.

Inspiration Pad notebook insane lining

The idea, and I think there’s a clue in the name, is that the pages encourage you to think differently. How effective this is will depend on how your brain is wired.

Inspiration Pad notebook in use

I find it does work but, and this is what I’m like, because each page is different I find myself wanting to save pages for exactly the right purpose. Consequently I am often frozen with fear that I might use a page for a sub-optimal purpose. Clearly this is silly and I’m trying to get over it.

Inspiration Pad notebook edge on

Having said that I have had a lot of fun with this notebook and when I have been brave enough to put pen to paper it’s really helped. It’s helped me work through some tricky challenges at work. I was sent this notebook for free so I could do this review but once I’ve used it up I will buy another one, even though it’s undeniably expensive. I keep it with me at all times, ready to spring into action.

Inspiration Pad notebook front cover