Monteverde Impressa fountain pen review

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen review

5 May 2014 By ian

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen review

The Monteverde Impressa is a striking looking pen, particularly in this gunmetal red version.

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen profile

I appreciate Monteverde trying something different and I wish more pen companies would do likewise, particularly at this price point. (It’s around the Pilot Prera/Kaweco Classic Sport price range.)

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen branding on cap

This is a very well made pen. The metal barrel feels solid and is a good and balanced weight and length. The cap closes with a lovely click and posts firmly.

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen posted

It has a sprung clip which is excellent.

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen clip

The Impressa is available with fine, medium, broad or stub steel nibs. Mine has a broad nib. I had some kind of brain malfunction when handwriting the review and called it a bold nib all the way through. I even looked at it and thought it looked strange but it didn’t click until much later. I am really rather silly sometimes. (Actually, I aspire to be silly only sometimes.) Bold or broad, it’s a smooth nib and is lovely to write with except for the occasional false start. I’ve also found the feed has struggled to keep up with the nib on particularly absorbent paper but feel that’s as much a fault of the paper as the pen. The nib, though not perfect, looks good, is fun to use and is better than many similarly priced fountain pens.

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen nib

A Monteverde converter is included or you can use standard international cartridges. The converter wobbles around a little but I’ve not managed to shake it out so it’s probably more secure than it feels.

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen deconstructed

The Monteverde Impressa has a distinctive design and an excellent build quality that belies its price. If the gunmetal red doesn’t float your boat there are versions in black chrome, black rose gold and pearl silver blue.

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen

This pen was sent to me free of charge from Pen Chalet. These views are my own and uninfluenced by Pen Chalet’s generosity. All versions of the Monteverde Impressa are available here.

Thank you Pen Chalet for sending me this very interesting pen! You can get 10% off any order (including the Monteverde Impressa) by using the coupon code PENPAPERPENCIL.

Monteverde Impressa fountain pen handwritten review