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Monteverde Impressa fountain pen review

5 May 2014 By ian

The Monteverde Impressa is a striking looking pen, particularly in this gunmetal red version. I appreciate Monteverde trying something different and I wish more pen companies would do likewise, particularly at this price point. (It’s around the Pilot Prera/Kaweco Classic Sport price range.) This is a very well made pen. The metal barrel feels solid […]

Comparison of D1 Refills (Part one)

10 April 2014 By ian

There are many many pens that take D1 refills, including a couple that I’ve reviewed here and several on Kickstarter. The new Retro 51 Tornado Touch also uses one. A D1 refill, if you don’t know, is a mini refill commonly used in pocket pens or multipens. There are as many D1 refills as there […]

Monteverde Green ink review

1 April 2014 By ian

This is a fine green ink. I can’t say it’s spectacular or unusual in any way but it’s an interesting colour and it’s a good reliable ink. Here I am doodling the Inkling. Thank you to The Writing Desk for sending me this sample. If you would like to buy this ink direct from The […]

Monteverde Poquito pocket pen review

27 January 2014 By ian

The Monteverde is a great little pocket pen. And by little, I really do mean little. It’s a small pen. This makes it an excellent pocket pen. It’s a shame it’s got a clip because if I put a pen in my pocket then it rattles around in there and I’d rather there wasn’t a […]