Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball review

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball Review and Giveaway

28 September 2015 By ian

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball review

The Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball is a refillable pocketable liquid ink pen that’s available in a wide range of colours. It’s a variation on the Classic Sport range, featuring a clear barrel and translucent cap and grip. This one was sent to me by Kaweco free of charge for review purposes.

Price: $27 (USA), £16 (UK)
Tip size options: Medium (replaceable)
Barrel options: Blue, green, pink, orange, red, yellow
Ink type: Liquid ink (rollerball)
Size: 10.5cm long (capped), 13cm long (posted); 14mm diameter
Weight: 13g

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball with notebook

As I’ve said many times when talking about the Sport fountain pen range, this is a classic design. The oversized cap makes for a pen that sits in the pocket comfortably but extends the pen, when posted, to a good size for writing.

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball posted

In most forms, Sports look fantastic but this particular configuration doesn’t quite do it for me.

The refill is pretty good. It’s a good dark line and mostly consistent. There’s a very occasional small skip: not something you’d notice if you weren’t looking but nevertheless there.

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball tip

This pen takes the Retro 1951 (Schmidt P8126/P8127) refill, though, which means you can use one of the finest rollerball refills there is.

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball refill

In use the pen is very light, due to the plastic construction, but a good length and so comfortable overall.

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball capped


Fun design
Can use a range of refills including the Schmidt P8126/7
Pocketable but also a good size to write with


Feels a little cheap
Design might not be everyone’s cup of tea

The Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball is a good little rollerball pen that can use a fantastic third-party refill. The design doesn’t quite do it for me, as I said, and so I’m giving this one away. Say thank you to someone you know in the comments. I’ll pick one lucky reader using random.org and send you this pen. The giveaway ends at 9am GMT on Sunday 11th October. You can only enter once.

Many thanks to Kaweco for sending me this pen to review. These are my own opinions.

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball handwritten review