Franklin-Christoph Replacement Nib (sketch)

24 January 2014 By ian

Franklin-Christoph replacement nib sketch

I’ve always felt that you find out if a company is any good not when everything is going well but when something goes wrong.

When I received my rather beautiful Franklin-Christoph M27 fountain pen last week, the extra-fine nib it came with just wasn’t quite right. The ink wasn’t flowing properly at all. After a couple of days of hoping it would right itself on its own I contacted Franklin-Christoph and asked for help. A very kind gentleman called Seth suggested a couple of things to try, including something called tricking the nib. (It didn’t work but tricking the nib of my Sailor Reglus sorted it right out!) After that, without any prompting from me whatsoever, Seth arranged for a new nib to be sent out.

It arrived today, which I think is rather amazing when you remember that Franklin-Christoph are in the USA and I am in the UK. Levenger could learn a lesson or two from Franklin-Christoph about international shipping I think. (Franklin-Christoph offer free international shipping. Free! And ultra quick, too.)

The new nib works perfectly and I rather suspect this pen will work its way into my top 5 without too much trouble at all. Before I put the new nib in, I sketched it.

Tombow Mono pencils on Pink Pig paper