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Dudek Display Pen Holder Review and Giveaway

23 April 2015 By ian

Dudek Display review

The Dudek Display is a wooden pen and notebook stand. It’s handmade from solid walnut by Mike Dudek and sold through his Dudek Modern Goods website for $65.

The Display holds five pens or pencils. The holes are large and I’ve not yet found a pen that won’t fit. (The holes can be 1/2” or, like mine, 5/8″.)

The test-tube-rack-like open front lets you see your beautiful pens in all their glory and gives this product its name. The combination of lovely pens and wood is a treat for the eyes.

The slot at the back will hold a couple of Field Note sized notebooks or a notebook in a cover. It’s useful, keeping it all together.

Dudek Display from the side

There is a wide range of products available from Dudek Modern Goods, with options for the number of pens; smaller holes for pencils; with or without a notebook slot; and solid or open designs. Mike will also customise existing designs to meet your requirements.

The Display is a beautiful item in its own right. The walnut is delicious, with a glorious smooth oiled finish letting the grain show through. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. There are plenty of small details such as the grooves cut into the sides and the softly chamfered pen holes that all show care and attention to detail.

Dudek Display with iPhone

My Display sits on my desk at work. Before I bought my Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter (review coming soon, promise!) I used to sit my work notebook in the slot: a couple of Calepino notebooks inside a Davis Leatherworks cover. These days I tend to stick my phone in there.

Dudek Display fully loaded from the side and above

The pens change from day to day although there’s usually a Copic Multiliner SP in there. In this picture you can see, from left to right: Pentel Graph 1000, TWSBI Vac 700, Copic Multiliner SP, Ateleia Brass Pen, and Kaweco Dia 2.

The Display is a wonderful product. It’s simple (though way beyond anything I could ever make myself) and beautifully made. The little details, along with the natural beauty of the wood, make this a quality product that’s both useful and pleasing to the eye.

Dudek Display empty

If you would like a chance to win a Display of your own then you’re in luck as Mr Dudek has very kindly offered one for a giveaway. You know the score by now: say thank you to someone you know in the comments. I’ll number the entries and then use random.org to pick a winner. You can only enter once and the giveaway closes at 9am GMT on Sunday 3rd May.

Dudek Display branding 2