Corfe Castle and the most photographed pub in the world

14 February 2014 By ian

Corfe Castle and the Greyhound Pub

The Greyhound pub has in its time claimed to be the most photographed pub in the world. It’s a lovely pub but not that special. Of course, everyone is photographing the rather spectacular ruined castle in the background. A castle has been on this site for a thousand years but it was destroyed in 1646 by the Roundheads in the Civil War.

I drew this to practise using my new “Sailor DE Brush Stroke Style Calligraphy Fountain Pen”, which is quite a long name for what is a very interesting pen. Its nib is bent to 55 degrees which means it’s possible to have a huge amount of line variation. It’s a fun pen. I’ll put a review up once I’ve got to know it better.