Sailor Jentle Grenade ink review Inkling doodle

Sailor Jentle Grenade ink review

Sailor Jentle Grenade ink review

A lovely rich dark red. This ink dries reasonably quickly, don’t take any notice of the dry times on the review – the Noodler puts down ink like a firehose. This reminds me of food and drink. As most things do to be honest.

Here I am doodling the Inkling.

This is a gorgeous ink.

I did this Inkling a while ago and since doing it I have learned that Sailor are discontinuing this ink. This is a shame.

Sailor Jentle Grenade ink review Inkling doodle

I received this ink from The Pen Company and wrote a different review of it for them here.

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner branding

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner drawing pen review

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner branding

The Staedtler 308 pigment liner is a fibre-tipped drawing pen available in 9 different line widths (0.5mm to 0.8mm) with black ink.

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner end on with shadows

I’ve found it difficult to find very many good drawing pens. The Copic Multiliner is a great and so is the Sakura Pigma Micron but apart from those I’ve not found any that I’ve been impressed with.

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner full length posted

A good drawing pen, whether it’s to be used for drawing or writing, must have a strong tip, one that won’t start breaking apart after a few hours of use. It must have properly black ink that doesn’t go glossy when filling in. The ink needs to be lightfast and waterproof – it needs to be able to handle being painted over. It has to put down a consistent and sharp line.

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner tip

The Staedtler 308 pigment liner does all of that and it does it all very well. Another good drawing pen!! Fantastic!

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner full length capped

The set I received from Cult Pens was made up of the 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8mm pens. They came in a groovy box that folds around to make a stand.

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner in case with caps on

All six pens performed exceptionally well: strong dark crisp lines.

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner lined up in case

The cap posts but is a little wobbly. I didn’t manage to shake it off though. The clip is functional but I doubt would stand up to much ill-treatment.

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner end of cap

The picture I posted on Friday was drawn with these pens. They are a lot of fun to use.

Marrakech tanneries

These are wonderful pens for drawing and writing. They are right up there with the Copics and Sakuras. They don’t have the range of colours of the Sakura Pigma Micon and they don’t have the range of widths of the Copics but, like for like, they are every bit as good.

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner handwritten review

Thank you so much to Cult Pens for sending me this set to review and to keep. I was having so much fun using them, I didn’t have to worry about their generosity influencing my review. You can buy a 308 pigment liner from Cult Pens here.

Marrakech Tanneries: a sketch and a tale

Marrakech tanneries

If you’ve been following this site for any length of time you’ll know I’m a huge fan of handmade leather products, so when I was in Marrakech for my honeymoon I felt I had to visit the famous tanneries.

Now, I must admit, I had got them confused with the even more famous tanneries in Fez, which are a riot of colour. I haven’t been there but I can tell you for certain that what I saw in Marrakech wasn’t anything like the photos I’d seen of Fez.

It’s one thing knowing intellectually that leather comes from animals but it’s another matter being faced with the brutal reality that it’s the skin of a cow, or horse, or pig, or (in Marrakech) camel. To get to the tanneries we had to follow complete strangers through the baking-hot back streets of the poorest parts of the city (no-one wants to live near the stink of the tanneries) and then, having been handed sprigs of mint to ward off the stench, the first area we walk past is the slaughter pen. Behind the corrugated iron ramshackle fencing we could hear a horse, obviously distressed. Unsurprisingly.

There are two tanneries in Marrakech, one for the Arabs, one for the Berbers. We saw both and both are equally brutal. Men spend hour after hour up to their waists in pits full of skin, urine and pigeon droppings, in the full heat of the African sun. There’s no shade out there. Around the pits there are tiny dark hot rooms where men and boys scrape the skins. Everywhere you look there are bits of animal and huge skins stretched out.

In the West most of us are detached from the realities of where our goods come from. We know that sausages start with a pig being slaughtered (I live surrounded by farms). We know that leather is animal skin. We know that someone, somewhere, has made a silver necklace. We appreciate, abstractedly, that bees make honey or that oats don’t start off in a box. In Marrakech there was no way of avoiding these realities. Men (always men) spend their days in the dirtiest hottest tiniest workshops banging metal into the most beautiful jewellery, stalls sell every part of every animal, men spend their days squeezing oranges for juice, men spend their days keeping the most ancient of motorbikes just about working, and men spend their days in the heat of the sun turning the skins of dead animals into leather.

Staedtler 308 pigment liners (review next week), Tombow ABT dual brush pens, Pink Pig sketchbook

Wednesday Weekly 16 July

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