Yeovil and the SlimNote notebook giveaway winner

15 February 2014 By ian

Thank you everyone who read the interview with Michael of SlimNote fame and then entered the giveaway. It was really interesting reading everyone’s facts about where they live. What an amazing and diverse world we live in.

I thought it only fair that, while announcing the winner, I shared something about where I live. The town of Yeovil in Somerset, England is, unfortunately, famous for being a bit ugly and boring. There is a reason for this. It actually is a little bit ugly and boring. It was extensively bombed during World War Two and not rebuilt particularly sympathetically. It’s the home of Westland Helicopters and the Pens! Paper! Pencils! blog. (One of these was the reason Yeovil was such a target in the war.)

What is lovely about Yeovil though is its setting. It sits on the border of Dorset and Somerset, two beautiful rural counties with rich histories and incredible countryside. The Jurassic Coast isn’t far away in one direction and Glastonbury is close by in the other direction.

Now onto the winner. has spoken and the winner is Shirley Furby who said

I live in Elkview on the Elk river which was called Tiskewa (river of the fat elk).

Well done Shirley! I hope you enjoy your SlimNote notebooks as much as I’ve been enjoying mine. (I’ve been using one to keep my InCoWriMo addresses in.)

Giveaway winner (number 31)