Wednesday Weekly 18 June

Admiring the view from Leopard Rock at Oribi Gorge
Admiring the view from Leopard Rock at Oribi Gorge

From the web:

I thought I’d do something different this week and suggest a few people on Flickr whose photographs or art I really enjoy.

Claire Hutton takes beautiful photos mostly around Dorset, my home patch
Maria Teresa Teixeira takes wonderful black and white photos with beautiful shadows
Sandra Strait makes fantastic tangles and doodles and art
Michelle Rydell makes all kind of journally scrapbook arty things

From the site:

Kaweco Ruby Red ink review
Kaweco Dia 2 fountain pen review
Dad’s Father’s Day Card
Faber-Castell 9000 pencil review
Pure Pens Sheaffer VFM winner
Pigeons at the Tanneries (sketch)


Every now and then I plan on updating old reviews with new information or views.

Zebra PenPod ballpoint pen review
Franklin-Christoph Model 27 Collegia fountain pen review

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