Graphite pencil drawing of wall barley by the sea

Wall Barley drawing

4 October 2022 By ian

Wall barley sprouts up all over the place, often growing in the most inhospitable of places. When the sun in low in the sky and shining through it, though, it can be beautiful. I’ve been really drawn (no pun intended) to the plants that grow unnoticed and unloved on the edge of the beach. There is beauty in almost everything when you remember to see it. I’m trying to remember more often.

Its Latin name is Hordeum murinum. Murinum does not mean wall, as I first thought, but mouse, which lends wall barley its American name of mouse barley.

Graphite pencil drawing of wall barley by the sea

Graphite pencil on paper. Overall size 29.7cm square. Drawing 13cm square. Available to buy in my shop.

I used graphite powder, a blending stump and an eraser to create the background. The wall barley was drawn with graphite pencils, an eraser and a tiny bit of white charcoal.