Uni-ball Eye Needlepoint barrel

Uni-ball Eye Needlepoint Rollerball Review

22 June 2015 By ian

Uni-ball Eye Needlepoint review

The Uni-Ball Eye Needlepoint is a rollerball (liquid ink) pen with a fine (if indeed a 0.5mm line can be considered fine) tip. It’s available with six different ink colours and costs about £2.50 in the UK. I picked this up as a freebie as part of an order I placed (and paid for) with Cult Pens but it’s easily found in many high street shops here in the UK.

I very much enjoy writing with rollerballs. I like how the ink goes down on the paper. I must admit though that in many respects a liquid ink pen is a hard sell. It doesn’t write well on glossy paper (so isn’t much for birthday cards, for example) and generally, being water-based, isn’t waterproof either. It can feather on cheap paper. Ballpoints solve the first problem and gel ink pens solve the second and both solve the third. It’s hard to make the case for a liquid ink pen over a gel ink pen other than dry times and a personal preference for how it feels to use one: which is lovely.

Uni-ball Eye Needlepoint uncapped

That being said, how does the Eye Needlepoint the perform?

It puts down a crisp and consistent line that is fairly well behaved in cheap paper. It’s a very dark black. I don’t think it’s a very fine line.

The tip writes smoothly though with just a touch of feedback, which for me is enjoyable.

Uni-ball Eye Needlepoint tip

The barrel is a comfortable size when posted and just about okay in my big hands unposted. The clip is fairly sturdy and clippy.

Uni-ball Eye Needlepoint clip

I don’t like the design at all. The printing is ugly and the pattern doesn’t appeal to me. I won’t judge you if you love it, though.

Uni-ball Eye Needlepoint barrel

The Uni-Ball Eye Needlepoint is a good little rollerball pen at a reasonable price. It’s worth picking one up to try.

Uni-ball Eye Needlepoint handwritten review