Twiss Irish Bog Oak Fountain Pen Quick Look

13 December 2017 By ian

Reviewing custom made pens can be a little tricky. I, after all, picked the material and the general design so if I would have only myself to blame if I didn’t like them. Fortunately for my own sense of well-being and sanity, I do.

(Irish bog oak is fantastic. It’s oak that sat in Irish peat bogs for over 5000 years. None of this made-last-week modern resin stuff.)

What I can do is show you how beautiful the finished pen is.

And I can tell you how well it’s been made. Excellently, that’s how well. The wooden cap and barrel and plastic section are perfectly finished. John shapes all his pens by eye.

The pen itself uses a JoWo #6 nib. This is another pen that I use with one of the 14k gold nibs I bought from FP Nibs. It uses a standard international cartridge or converter.

This is the third Twiss pen I’ve reviewed here and I have one more (so far) left to write about. They’re all great pens. John Twiss is the best and most versatile pen maker in the UK right now.