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Wednesday Weekly 24 December

24 December 2014 By ian

The magnificent Kaweco Liliput. I’ll be reviewing this on Monday. From around the web: That One Pen: Pen Friend Roundtable The Pencil Case Blog: It’s Pelikan Week! Andrea Jospeph’s Sketchblog: you should draw me Sketches and Studies: Last of the Organics Studio Inks – 3 Ink Review Lovely reviews. What a shame these inks are […]

Wednesday Weekly 10 December

10 December 2014 By ian

From around the web: Ken Cavers Custom Pens: ‘Cool Mint Water’ Cigar Style FP – (first go at using transparent acrylic) Oh my goodness this is a lovely pen. Pencilism: The Meaning of Pencils Looking forward to seeing where Luke takes this site. His art is fantastic and he knows his pencils. WriteAnalog: The WriteAnalog […]

Wednesday Weekly 3 December

3 December 2014 By ian

From the web: Sketches and Studies: Quote Monday pencilsandotherthings: Tombow 100th Anniversary Book The Well-Appointed Desk: Eraser-off My Antique Pens: Waterman Emerald Green Patrician From the site: J Herbin Ambre de Bermanie ink review Rotring 600 mechanical pencil review Last Leaf of Autumn (sketch)

Wednesday Weekly 26 November

26 November 2014 By ian

Edward VI was nine when he became king following the death of his father Henry VIII 1547. His tutor encouraged him to keep a journal and this is a page from it. He writes of how people reacted to learning of Henry VIII’s death. There wasn’t a Wednesday Weekly last week as work is pretty […]

Wednesday Weekly 12 November

12 November 2014 By ian

From around the web: That One Pen: Parker Jotter Kickstarter: The CUBE New project by Mike Dudek and Karas Kustoms. Pen Heaven: War Poetry: Pen Heaven Visits the Imperial War Museum Cult Pens: Pens for Kids From the site: Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki ink review Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencil review Big Bottle of Vino (sketch) […]