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A Fool With A Pen

8 January 2014 By ian

A Fool With A Pen I mentioned this site yesterday because it has a much better review of Rhodia paper than mine. It’s a new site but already one of my favourites. This is someone who loves pens and inks and paper too! He may have a pen but he is certainly no fool. The […]

Fountain Pen Geeks Forum

1 January 2014 By ian

Fountain Pen Geeks Forum I’ve recently (and belatedly) discovered the Fountain Pen Geeks Forum. It’s a friendly, interesting and very useful place. I’m still finding my feet but if you do visit it (and you should) you’ll find me there as bananamoon.

Karas Kustoms INK

18 December 2013 By ian

Karas Kustoms INK I’ve come close to ordering or backing Karas Kustoms pens many times in the past but, being in the UK, shipping and customs charges make them really expensive. From what I’ve read about them they are probably worth it but given the choice between spending that kind of money on a fountain […]