Pelikan M215 fountain pen nib

Pelikan M215 fountain pen review

The Pelikan M215 is an amazing pen. It is virtually faultless. It is a piston-filling pen that holds a good amount of ink. The piston mechanism is smooth and has the feel of precision engineering. There is not wiggle or wobble and it glides in the most luxurious way. There[…]

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D1 refill comparison round 1 tips

Comparison of D1 Refills (Part one)

There are many many pens that take D1 refills, including a couple that I’ve reviewed here and several on Kickstarter. The new Retro 51 Tornado Touch also uses one. A D1 refill, if you don’t know, is a mini refill commonly used in pocket pens or multipens. There are as[…]

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Pelikan Edelstein Amber ink review

This is a lovely ink! How often do I say that? Rather a lot. I do like inks. I mean it every time though. Some inks are just a fundamentally beautiful colour and, to be honest, that’ll do it for me on its own. But others, like Pelikan Edelstein Amber[…]

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