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Cleo Skribent ‘Skribent’ Fountain Pen Review

9 May 2018 By ian

The Skribent is Cleo Skribent’s premium pen. It comes with an 18k gold nib and a premium price tag. This pen has been lent to the United Inkdom team by Write Here. Thank you to Write Here for their generosity. These are my honest opinions. Price: £299 Filling method: cartridge/converter Barrel options: black with gold […]

Pelikan M805 Fountain Pen Review

2 May 2018 By ian

The (relatively) more affordable Pelikan fountain pens have long been a favourite of mine. The M205 is a lovely pen, particularly with the gold nib upgrade. This caused me to long for one of the significantly less affordable models. I was lucky enough to be lent a blue M805 and immediately fell in love with […]

Goathard Sunburnt Orange Fountain Pen Review

14 March 2018 By ian

Brad Goathard is a UK-based pen maker who specialises in individually turned metal pens. Price: £269 Filling method: standard international cartridge/converter Barrel options: this pen is named after its barrel finish but Goathard makes many other machined metal pens in different finishes Nib options: stainless steel medium or fine The actual name of this pen […]

Karas Kustoms Decograph Fountain Pen Review

10 January 2018 By ian

Karas Kustoms are best known for their machined metal pens, several of which I’ve reviewed. These pens are consistently excellent. The Decograph is different in that it’s made from thermoplastic rather than metal. It’s part of Karas Kustom’s signature pen line of limited edition pens. Price: $165 Filling method: standard international cartridge/converter Nib options: stainless […]

Cleo Skribent Classic Fountain Pen Review

22 November 2017 By ian

Cleo Skribent is a German company, formed shortly after the Second World War. Despite having being around for a while, they’ve only recently begun to catch people’s imagination in the fountain pen world. This pen was lent to me by Write Here for me to review. These are my own opinions. The pen will be […]