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Ti2 TechLiner Gel Ink Pen Review

26 January 2015 By ian

The Ti2 TechLiner is a machined metal pen available direct from the manufacturer for between $60 and $125. It comes with the Uni Signo 207 gel ink refill and will also take a Jetstream hybrid ink ballpoint. It will no doubt take others too. It’s available made from titanium, brass, copper or bronze in a […]

Apollo Technical Pen review

15 September 2014 By ian

The Apollo Technical Pen is a metal barrelled pen designed to be used with a wide variety of refills, including the ever popular Hi-Tec-C. The body and cap are made from titanium and the nib and grip are made from steel. I backed this pen on Kickstarter back in December and the estimated delivery date […]

Tactile Turn Mover pen review

7 July 2014 By ian

The Tactile Turn Mover is an aluminium pen made by Will Hodges. It was a Kickstarter project originally but it’s now available directly from the Tactile Turn website. It comes with a Pilot 0.38mm G2 refill but will take a large range of alternatives including my current favourite, the Pilot Juice. The refill is replaced […]

Da Vinci stone paper & Kickstarter campaign

7 April 2014 By ian

The Da Vinci Notebook is a Kickstarter campaign that finishes on Thursday 24 April 2014. As I write this it has reached more than twice its funding goal. Da Vinci Notebooks use bleach free and wood free paper. In fact the paper is made in an environmentally friendly way using stone. Nick Romer, the Da […]