Tech Turn Mover pen full length

Tactile Turn Mover pen review

7 July 2014 By ian

Tech Turn Mover pen review

The Tactile Turn Mover is an aluminium pen made by Will Hodges. It was a Kickstarter project originally but it’s now available directly from the Tactile Turn website.

Tech Turn Mover pen full length

It comes with a Pilot 0.38mm G2 refill but will take a large range of alternatives including my current favourite, the Pilot Juice. The refill is replaced by unscrewing the barrel from the middle. I mention this because it took me a while to realise this. This is almost certainly because I’m a little slow.

Tech Turn Mover pen undone

The steel clip is good and firm. The knock works well and is a pleasure to… well I would say click, but it’s almost silent, so I’ll have to settle with just saying it’s a pleasure to use.

Tech Turn Mover pen knock

The barrel is beautifully machined. The grip section is ridged and comfortable. The pen as a whole is well balanced and comfortable to hold. There are a range of colours and there is a shorter version, the Shaker, that will take a different set of refills.

Tech Turn Mover pen sharp end

I’d like to mention in passing that this is the only Kickstarter project I’ve backed, so far, that has delivered on time. This isn’t to criticise those projects that have been delayed, the whole idea of Kickstarter is to fund new ideas and that’s bound to lead to unexpected difficulties, but it does, rather, say a lot about Will’s expertise and experience.

Tech Turn Mover pen deployed

The Tactile Turn Mover is a good solid reliable pen. It isn’t a pen for composing poetry with, although if you want to, who am I to say? Particularly if it’s some kind of gritty, urban and/or industrial poetry. It’s more a pen to use to get work done. It’s extremely well made, it’s very high quality, and it’s good and robust and honest.

Tech Turn Mover pen handwritten review