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Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen Review

26 September 2016 By ian

In an interview with Bob of My Pen Needs Ink, Sebastian Gutberlet (of Kaweco) said of that Supra: “Nobody did this before or we could not find a pen with a part to unscrew and make it shorter.” As far as I can tell, he’s right. Others might have thought of doing it, of course. […]

Kaweco Sunrise Orange Ink Review

21 September 2016 By ian

Kaweco release a range of eight inks a while ago and they were pretty good, with interesting shades of the standard colours, good dry times and some interesting shading. They’ve just released two more shades, one of which is this Sunrise Orange. I absolutely love this colour. Like most of my favourite inks, it reminds […]

Kaweco Traveler Case Review

31 August 2016 By ian

Kaweco continue to expand their range of products and the Traveler Case is the latest example. It’s made from calf leather and costs a little under €100. Thank you to Kaweco for lending me this case so I could review it. These are my own honest opinions. The leather brown leather is soft, a little […]

Kaweco Elegance Fountain Pen Review

25 July 2016 By ian

The Elegance is a long slim aluminium pen. Kaweco’s metal pens tend to be pretty good, so how does this one stack up? I was loaned this item by Kaweco for the purposes of review. I have since returned it. No money exchanged hands and these are my own honest opinions. Price: £69 Nib options: […]

Kaweco Student Demonstrator Quick Look

4 May 2016 By ian

Kaweco are best known for their smaller pens: the Sport and Liliput in particular. I reviewed the Student a while ago and although I liked it, it was eclipsed by the more expensive metal Allrounder. I’ve heard the Allrounder is now discontinued, which is a terrible shame. (It’s still available, at the time of writing, […]