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An Interview with Ross Adams of Pure Pens (plus a giveaway)

3 June 2014 By ian

Ross Adams has two excellent online stores, based in the UK but delivering all over the world. Pelikan Pens has been selling Pelikan pens for nine years. Pure Pens has a wider range of all kinds of pens. Pure Pens is just about the only place in the UK where you can find Noodler’s Inks. […]

An Interview with John Twiss of Twiss Pens

26 April 2014 By ian

John Twiss makes a huge variety of very beautiful custom pens. His Twitter stream is a constant source of loveliness and temptation. (I am still talking about pens, by the way.) Before reading this very interesting interview, take some time to look through John’s site and see what wonderful work he does. Also, check back […]

DNA Pens Kickstarter Campaign

15 March 2014 By ian

Many pens are described as ‘unique’ but the DNA Pens by Mike Smoothy truly are. Each and every pen is different to every other. Mike plans to use 3D printing and clever software to ensure that each and every DNA pen has a unique design. I’ve not tried one of these pens as Mike has […]

An Interview and Giveaway with Chris Davis of Davis Leatherworks

14 December 2013 By ian

Anyone who’s followed this site for more than a few minutes will know I have a great fondness for Davis Leatherworks’ notebook covers. They are simple and functional and they are oh so beautiful. Often we buy these lovely handmade products and know nothing about the people who make them. Being the nosy person I am, […]