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Newcastle Pen Show: An Interview with John Twiss

22 August 2018 By ian

I have a confession to make: I’ve never been to a pen show. In part that’s because this whole pen thing is quite a personal thing (yet I have a blog all about it!), in part it’s because other people are, in general, quite scary (yet I was a teacher and now work in the […]

Interview with Stuart Lennon of Nero’s Notes

16 May 2018 By ian

A couple of years ago I interviewed Tony Short who had just started Pocket Notebooks, a company that rather unsurprisingly sold notebooks that would fit in your pocket. Pocket Notebooks is now owned by Stuart Lennon and has been rebranded as Nero’s Notes, Nero being the four-legged CEO of this new company. Nero’s Notes’ inventory […]

Fulfilling a Kickstarter Campaign: An Interview with Kevin Hayes of Blank Forces

10 September 2015 By ian

I first interviewed Kevin just as his Kickstarter campaign for the X1 and X2 pens was getting going. The campaign proved to be highly successful, raising $78 621 (on an initial goal of $10 000). The pens themselves are wonderful. Of course, once the pledges are in, the hard work really begins. What’s it like, […]

An Interview with J. Robert Lennon

8 January 2015 By ian

J. Robert Lennon writes wonderful books and has been writing his latest one using fountain pens. He is totally responsible for me buying a Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter and has helped me to embrace inks that are pink. I’m sure you’ll find this interview as fascinating as I did. What started your interest in fountain pens? My […]

Behind a Kickstarter campaign: An interview with Kevin Hayes of Blank Forces

23 November 2014 By ian

Kevin Hayes, also known as Blank Forces, has a very interesting Kickstarter campaign going at the moment. The EDC Ink is a keychain pen made from stainless steel and brass that uses D1 refills. It’s available in two sizes and a range of fascinating finishes. I need to stress that I haven’t tried one of […]