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Pilot Juice gel ink pen review

23 June 2014 By ian

The Pilot Juice is a gel ink pen that is available in three different tip sizes (0.38, 0.5 and 0.7mm) and a large range of colours. (Thirty-six colours in the 0.5mm size, fewer in the other sizes.) The grip is comfortable and slightly squishy. The barrel is clear plastic and a good sensible size. The […]

Pentel Energel 07 gel ink pen review

11 November 2013 By ian

I think this was a freebie from the lovely Cult Pens people. Not because they sent me it to review but because they nearly always throw something in for free with every order. This is because they are great. But not so great that they send me things to review. Which they should. The pen […]

MUJI 0.38 Gel Ink Pen review

21 October 2013 By ian

I bought these pens quite some time ago, tried them, decided they were very nice and then didn’t pick them up again for a very long time. When I did, they worked immediately and I realised just how good they were. They write a good crisp fine line every single time. I like how they […]