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Ateleia Brass Pen Review

9 March 2015 By ian

The Ateleia Brass Pen is a simple pen that will take a range of refills, depending on the inserts you buy it with. One set will allow you to use Pentel EnerGel, Uni-ball Signo 207 and DX or MonteVerde Rollerballs and the other lets you use the Pilot Hi-Tec-C, Pilot G2, Schmidt Rolling Ball or […]

Ti2 TechLiner Gel Ink Pen Review

26 January 2015 By ian

The Ti2 TechLiner is a machined metal pen available direct from the manufacturer for between $60 and $125. It comes with the Uni Signo 207 gel ink refill and will also take a Jetstream hybrid ink ballpoint. It will no doubt take others too. It’s available made from titanium, brass, copper or bronze in a […]

Stabilo pointVisco Gel Rollerball Pen Review

5 January 2015 By ian

The Stabilo pointVisco is a gel ink rollerball available with ten different ink colours and one line width (fine). It costs around £1.35 in the UK. Stabilo describe this pen as a “Rollerball with a completely new gel formula” and I have no idea what makes it new or special but, regardless, it is a […]

Apollo Technical Pen review

15 September 2014 By ian

The Apollo Technical Pen is a metal barrelled pen designed to be used with a wide variety of refills, including the ever popular Hi-Tec-C. The body and cap are made from titanium and the nib and grip are made from steel. I backed this pen on Kickstarter back in December and the estimated delivery date […]

Pilot Choose gel ink pen review

11 August 2014 By ian

The Pilot Choose is a pigment gel ink pen with a 0.7mm tip. It’s part of Pilot’s BegreeN range of sillily capitalised recycled pens. The ink is vivid and it is waterproof and lightfast. The tip puts down a good crisp consistent line. As well as green, the Choose can be bought with a wide […]