Stabilo pointVisco rollerball pointy end

Stabilo pointVisco Gel Rollerball Pen Review

5 January 2015 By ian

Stabilo pointVisco rollerball review

The Stabilo pointVisco is a gel ink rollerball available with ten different ink colours and one line width (fine). It costs around £1.35 in the UK.

Stabilo pointVisco rollerball from the cap

Stabilo describe this pen as a “Rollerball with a completely new gel formula” and I have no idea what makes it new or special but, regardless, it is a good pen with good ink. The blue of this pen is pleasing to my eye and the ink dries quickly. It seems to be quite waterproof. The line is consistent and free of gunkiness. The tip glides over the paper. It’s a lovely pen to write with.

Stabilo pointVisco rollerball pointy end

I love the design of this pen. It’s instantly recognisable as a Stabilo pen. It has a distinctive, slightly retro, charm whilst still maintaining a professional dignity. The cap posts securely and the pen is light enough to feel balanced capped or uncapped, even though it’s quite long. The clip is a little weak. There is a soft grip area that’s comfortable to hold.

Stabilo pointVisco rollerball posted

This is one of my favourite pens. Whether it’s a rollerball or a gel pen, it looks fantastic, feels comfortable in the hand and puts down a great line.

Stabilo pointVisco rollerball handwritten review