SPONSOR: Pocket Notebooks

31 October 2015 By ian

Thank you very much to Pocket Notebooks for sponsoring Pens! Paper! Pencils! again this month.

In the age of smartphones, social media and all-things digital, it’s easy to forget the power of good, old-fashioned pen and paper.

Here at Pocket Notebooks we are passionate about stationery and a romantic for traditional, analog writing supplies, it’s part of our makeup, where others are pushing pixels we are scribing in our Field Notes.

We pride ourselves on being a little different at Pocket Notebooks. Where other stationers are happy to branch out and supply a variety of different products we are quite content focusing solely on Pocket Notebooks. Some may say narrow minded, we say focusing on our passion which are Pocket Notebooks whilst doing one thing fantastic, and making sure we enjoy ourselves along the way!

We have grand plans for our journey and will start by being the only supplier that allows you to mix and match your notebooks from different suppliers and collections as well as our exciting monthly subscription service where you will receive a box delivered to your door containing a collection of Pocket Notebooks that will vary month on month.

So put down your smartphone and pull out a Notebook. Write a note about something you would normally take a picture of. Notice what words you use to describe it. Jot down your thoughts hurriedly or meaningfully. Underline certain words really hard. Doodle something.

Forget the App, there’s a Pocket Notebook for that…